Geometric Intervention #2. 

                                                 Installation view,  private collection. 

                                                 70 cm x 100 cm, inkjet print on photographic paper, 2020.


Shimmering Blue Light on a Still Red Square

For this work I did a series of in situ landscape interventions while living in the town of Fiskars, Finland.

Based on minimal and almost immaterial gestures that give account of a primary landscape that has been altered, I created delicate sculptural situations through the interaction of light, the geometries inserted into the natural environment, and the specific position of the camera.

In these compositions the immaculate natural setting is countered by the artificiality of uniform geometry, using color, light, shape and scale to create works that exist at the threshold between object and image. In some of the photographs the objects are not actually interacting with the landscape but superimposed in several layers, creating situations only possible through the camera, while the setting remains untouched.

Differing form previews works, I utilized very fine materials which are practically flat. These objects, of an apparently reduced third dimension, are emphasized in their chromatic and formal qualities, allowing for subtle sculptural arrangements that give way to images where the camera collapses third dimensional space into the second dimension in a decisive manner.

In a way these works are also a response to the climate, territory, silence, sense of time and austerity of the landscape, not as a photographic genre but as a concept.

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