Installation view at Salon ACME 2019, Mexico City.

Wood, stone, concrete, chromatic filter, gelatin #1 & #2 (left and right). Clay, pencil, chromatic filter (center).

57 cm x 65 cm each.



This project was created during a residency at Casa Wabi.

In Rudiments several objects are arranged in particular ways with the intention of displacing their usual purpose and re-signifying them through the juxtaposition of their elemental qualities

The project stems from an interest in the sculptural and architectonic properties of objects, as well as the possible relationships between them through the interaction of space, light and time. At its center lies a process of scrutiny of objects to use them as materials in the creation of ephemeral sculptures in front of the camera.

I work with found objects and with objects I make. In the arrangement of these objects I propose singular interactions that change the way we perceive them, taking them to a more ambiguous state in which finding a direct or specific meaning is harder.

This process is staged for the camera. The angle of the shot, framing and type of lens used are all determining factors in the final recorded aspect of each sculpture which, once captured, is undone.

This way, the photographic image is not only the end result, but also a conditioning force which shapes the characteristics of each sculpture. In other words, these are sculptures that function as such through the photographic camera.

I am particularly interested in this essential moment of the photographic medium, when the unavoidable translation form object to image happens. Thus, employing the innate properties of the medium, I seek to control the circumstances of this transformation to create images that appear to be in an undetermined state between the third and second dimensions. This object-image dynamic is emphasized by the content of the photographs themselves, where there is a visual play between the objects and the images they form.

In some of these images I put into play additional objects that change with time, adding an element of chance into the otherwise carefully ordered frame. For example, a cube of gelatin which melts turning into a colorful stain that interacts in unforeseeable ways with the rest of the objects, creating new relationships.

The pieces in Rudiments deal with the qualities of objects and their relationships with each other and reside in an undetermined state between materiality, image-making, and the possible interpretations of the spectator.

Installation view, Intermediate Spaces, Paola Dávila & Ilán Rabchinskey, Patricia Conde Galería, 14 cm x 16 cm each, pigment-based Inkjet prints on cotton paper, 2022.

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