Multiple Space #1.
Installation view, private collection. 

104 cm x 76 cm, pigment-based Inkjet print on cotton paper, 2020.


Multiple Space

This new series of semi-abstract photographs is the result of my ongoing exploration into the dynamics between objects and images.

The physicality of the objects I work with is rendered by the camera in a decisive manner. The position of the lens relative to the objects, as well as the properties of the light that interacts with them, are determining factors in this transformation that, through the essential workings of photography, turns the third dimension into the flat surface of the image.

Within the mix of objects and their perceived transparencies, colors, reflections, shadows and opacities, it becomes difficult to discern what the image is made of, where an object ends or begins and what is the size or internal scale of these arrangements, taking us to an open field of perception where spatial limits become diffuse.

These images are created in a small makeshift studio set up temporarily in my living room during the year’s prolonged quarantine. Faced with the turbulence of our times, I focus on the encounter of light, space, and color searching for the liberating potential of abstraction.

This body of work is in progress.

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